爱力根 Biocell质感乳房植入物


爱力根, 全球医疗器械制造商, launched a worldwide recall of its textured breast implants in 2019 due to the risk that patients could develop a related form of cancer. The move opened the way for lawsuits on behalf of patients experiencing adverse reactions.

这次召回是应食品部门的要求 & 药品管理局(FDA). The announcement drew attention from patients experiencing a wide variety of otherwise unexplained symptoms they say occurred months and, 在某些情况下, 在艾尔建产品的外科植入之后.

除了, studies link the 爱力根 breast implant products to the increased risk of a rare cancer of the immune system.

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The FDA’s concern has centered primarily on a condition known as 乳房植入相关间变性大细胞淋巴瘤,简称BIA-ALCL. A rare cancer of the immune system, it is not a form of breast cancer.

BIA-ALCL is a type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL), which is a cancer of the blood. 如果发现的足够早,通常是可以治疗的. It comprises just 1% of NHL cases and just 16% of all T-cell lymphomas, 淋巴瘤研究基金会表示.

在大多数情况下, BIA-ALCL is found in the scar tissue and fluid near the implant, 但在某些情况下, 它可以扩散到全身,并成为致命的. 

BIA-ALCL的认识较差,常被误诊. “BIA is a cluster of symptoms that don’t fit into any other classic disease diagnosis,黛安娜·朱克曼说, Ph.D., president of the National Center for Health Research and a researcher who studies breast implant safety issues. “Getting it recognized as a bona fide medical condition will take time,” she said.


The United States was slow to address women’s claims that they have been harmed by 爱力根’s implants. The action by FDA and 爱力根 comes after 38 other countries already recalled the implant.

The recall was prompted by the FDA detecting a spike in BIA-ALCL cases. The agency has been monitoring 爱力根’s breast implant products since 2011.

全球范围内BIA-ALCL的发生率相对较低. 然而, 根据FDA, 如果不及早诊断和治疗,这种癌症可能是致命的, such as with surgery to remove the implant and the surrounding scar tissue or with radiation and chemotherapy.

FDA更新了BIA-ALCL声明的表格. 机构更新了表格 BIA-ALCL网页 to include a total of 733 unique cases and 36 patient deaths globally. This reflects an increase of 160 new cases and 3 deaths since the July 2019 update.

Of 733 total cases of BIA-ALCL reported to the FDA, 620 cases involved 爱力根 products. The data showed that 496 cases were reported to have textured implants; 209 cases did not specify the implant surface. 


召回名单上有近36种特定产品. pg电子官网被公司标为 BIOCELL®纹理乳房植入物和组织扩张器. FDA data show that BIA-ALCL arises more frequently in women whose implants have a textured surface than those with a smooth surface.

原因正在研究中, especially since the cancer appears to be linked with a certain bacterial infection.

Some of the implants were filled with gel, and others with saline.


Women report experiencing a wide variety of symptoms leading to a diagnosis of BIA-ALCL, including:

  • 发热
  • 背痛
  • 无痛性淋巴结肿胀
  • 食欲不振
  • 乏力
  • 疼痛,肿块,积液,植入部位附近肿胀

Some patients may require radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy, 这取决于疾病的阶段.


A class-action lawsuit has emerged on behalf of patients with adverse experiences with 爱力根’s products. The action alleges that the company is misleading patients and asking them to sign away their rights in return for an offer of up to $7,取出植入物需要500英镑.

Recent 爱力根 lawsuits on behalf of individual women are also winding their way through courts throughout the United States. Some allege the company failed to warn them of the risk the implants posed. Others reported that 爱力根 sought to make light of the dangers of its BIOCELL brand after learning it was linked to breast implant cancer.

Some women have had surgery to remove their implants, and others are planning to do so. The procedure can be expensive and can lead to pain and disfigurement, according to court filings.


  • 医疗费用
  • 工资损失
  • 痛苦和折磨
  • 永久性的缺陷
  • 其他损失


涉及格林斯伯勒医疗产品责任的案件, 三位一体, 或者在北卡罗来纳州的其他地方可能会让人望而却步. They require significant research, complex factual evidence, and strategic legal arguments. 有了《pg电子官网》,你可以期待这一切,甚至更多. 

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